To prepare for your surgery or procedure, you will receive a telephone call from a Contact Nurse at Illinois Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery Center. Our Contact Nurse will speak with you to review information about your medical / surgical history; to identify any tests that you will need done before your surgery; to discuss with you what to expect before, during and after surgery; and how to prepare for your surgery.

You can click One Medical Passport at anytime on this page to start your pre-op assessment.

Online Medical History

To start the pre-surgical assessment process, Illinois Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery Center requires that you fill out your medical history online with One Medical Passport. We recommend that you enter your medical history online as soon as your surgery has been scheduled. Once you do this, our Contact Nurse will be able to access the information you entered online. This information will assist the Contact Nurse in organizing and documenting your complete medical history to prepare for your surgery.

Be sure to have the following information available before starting One Medical Passport:

About One Medical Passport

Completing a One Medical Passport medical history online is easy. For most patients, filling out the entire questionnaire takes less than 15 minutes. Please fill out the questionnaire accurately, and be assured that all of your information is kept confidential and will be thoroughly reviewed by your medical team. At any time, you can quit filling out the questionnaire and come back and complete the unfinished portion at a more convenient time.

One Medical Passport is a website that allows you to enter your information at any time from anywhere. You can also print out a copy of your medical history after you create it online and keep it with you or with your other health care documents, as well as have access to it online anytime you need it or want to update it.

One Medical Passport complies with all federal guidelines for protecting patients’ personal medical information as set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

Information Security: One Medical Passport operates a secure data network which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is protected by an industry-standard firewall. It uses the highest grade of Internet security available: 256 bit encryption with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which scrambles all transmitted data. In addition, after 75 minutes of inactivity, your session will automatically terminate and you will be required to re-enter your username and password. This protects your information while you are away from your computer. Your information is stored on servers at a secure web hosting site and will only be released to your clinical providers at Illinois Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery Center. Your information is never released to anyone else.

Ready to Start One Medical Passport?

You are now ready to click the link below to register and start your One Medical Passport online medical history. If you are unable to open the Pre-Op Assessment by clicking on One Medical Passport, simply copy and paste the URL below into your browser:

Please call 847.213.5480 if you have questions related to completing One Medical Passport.

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